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We have completely broken the mold when it comes to business models, industry labels, and the definition of 'work'. We are a passionately held private corporation that lives and works consciously each and every day. Everything we do is a leadership experience...whether it's how we engage our partners, our audience, or each other. Some days it involves us flying down a zipline at 100km/h, others it involves a boardroom where we're tearing down the walls of how we traditionally do business.


We are often referred to as the Game Changers when it comes to Leadership Development. We leverage our proven SHINE Leadership Assessment Tool, SHINE Leadership Models,and SHINE for Life Program to help you, your team, and your organization bridge the gap between motivation and habit.

While taking the world by storm, our intent is to engage and inspire you to do the same...be inspired leaders! We want to be the catalyst that helps you make the

change you so desire, to help you up your game professionally and personally to help you live life full out!

Project Shine's world leading leadership!


Project Shine is the only leadership development company to have the proven tools and methods to reliably and repeatedly predict on the job behaviours. Yes, that's correct, we can predict how you and the people in your company will react to a given situation!! Imagine the power that you too would gain in mastering employee engagement, sales, profitability, and ultimately providing you with the competitive edge to keep you at the forefront of your industry!!

Join other Game Changers who work with the world leading Project Shine team, and you too can stay ahead of not only your competition, but LEAD the world.

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Leadership Development

SHINE Leadership Development for ultimate team and corporate mastery!

Project Shine works with individuals and teams to leverage the SHINE Leadership Assessment Tool, SHINE Leadership Models, and the SHINE For Life Model to bridge the gap between motivation (the why) and habit (the who we are) to live and work to their best today and everyday into the future.

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#YEGTalks Events

Project Shine curates experiential events, with the intent to be the catalyst for change.


Project Shine works with individuals in bridging the gap from motivation to daily habit.

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SHINE on Stage

Project Shine delivers an impactful, engaging, and moving message to the teams or organizations in which they work with.