About Us

Our Vision

Inspire the world to SHINE both personally and professionally.


To passionately create experiences that inspire self-discovery and encourage meaningful interactions to transform the world!

Our Story

A very qualified professional once said to us that healthy (in body and mind) people 'shine'. Our vision is simple “inspire the world to SHINE” both personally and professionally. We further added the word “project” in front recognizing that life it is a continuous journey, not a destination. As we continue on our path, we realize that it is a simple concept but very difficult in practice. Or is it? What does it mean to SHINE?

SHINE, we believe, means to perform to our best each and everyday. Now, we realize this means that some days depending on the ‘health’ of our body and mind, the measure of how ‘much’ we SHINE will vary. The important take away here is that we choose to perform to the best of our abilities given the scenario.

Our vision is not just for business, it's our life motto! We don't just talk the talk...we absolutely walk the talk personally and professionally. We've distilled 40 years of hands on experience into developing the SHINE leadership, sales, and life models that we share with individuals and companies so they too can SHINE.

So why 'project'?

At it’s basic level, ‘project’ means continuous improvement, that we can all start right now! As you move forward through your day, consider your current actions and ask yourself how you can improve upon what you are doing? What small change over time could lead to stunning results for you?

It could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, if you want to lose weight. It could be asking for the sale, rather than asking “do you have any questions”. It could be just asking yourself why you do what you do and stop doing things that are not helping you achieve your best life. It could be stopping the bad habit you have formed or establishing a new habit.

The best part is that we are all capable, we don’t have to be super geniuses to improve our lives. The only thing we need to do is to choose! Choose to up your game, choose to show up in life and continue to seek the best version of yourself.

We’re here to support you along the way and thank you for challenging us as we continue on our journey too!

Are you ready to begin your Project to SHINE??

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