The #burstofsunshine hashtag is meant to create not only awareness, but a movement around impacting others in a positive and supportive way.  Life can move at a very fast pace. It has been said our thoughts and actions can influence our well-being so we should be mindful of the impacts we have on others.

We are neither scientists nor doctors but we do know the impact that others have had on us, and how at times they have lifted us up and at other times have pushed us down.  When we reflect on moments where we were the benefactors of another's generosity of time, thoughtfulness, and kindness we can't help but recall how it made us feel.  We may not specifically recall what they said or what they did but that feeling never left us.  It's those moments when we most needed a hug and a wish of hope or encouragement that helped sculpt our choices to move forward.  It was in those moments when we could witness the good in the world and a kinship with others when our lives were enriched.

We believe we can take this from a concept to a movement because it is SIMPLE and EVERYONE can choose to participate.  It is a choice, a powerful one!  It's about showing up and being conscious in your life.  It's about recognizing other's needs and honouring them.  It's about paying it forward and making a difference while making our lives significant.  The fascinating thing about this is that by giving you inherently receive.  You too will have this overwhelming feeling of joy just knowing you had an impact.  That you played a role in someone else's life. That you can share and support them on their path.    

Once you realize the power you hold, you must also realize the responsibility you have and wield it carefully.  Positive word or action can have a profound impact on another person.  One that can boost their confidence and bolster their self-worth.  An impact that can send them down a path they never imagined they would travel.

Please share your #burstofsunshine with us so that we can build a community of people that want to consciously live and have an impact on the world.