SHINE Leadership Team

Barbara Reppert

Barbara Reppert

When I reflect on my career, accomplishments and life in general, I can honestly say it was the people whose lives I touched and who touched mine that I cherish the most.

There is a quote I often think about:
      People will forget what you said.
      People will forget what you did.
      But people will never forget how you made them feel.
      - Maya Angelou -

Starting what we now call “Project: Shine Inc.” is an absolute dream for me, one I intend to make a strong reality.

I was raised in Edmonton, AB Canada by parents who taught me the power of positive thinking, hard work and that without integrity nothing is worth doing. I was ALWAYS told I could do anything I put my mind to and to ALWAYS treat others with respect and kindness; that something could be learned from everyone.

Following this philosophy, I first excelled at fastball qualifying for three national championships and earning two scholarships paying for my college education. It was the dedication and commitment insisted upon by the coaches that taught me the value of team and appreciating other’s differences. In this type of atmosphere it was also where I learned to capitalize on people’s strengths. Everyone has weaknesses that can be improved upon, but if we allow others to play to their strengths 85% or more of the time, success is sure to follow.

After college I went on to achieve a Certified Management Accounting (CMA) designation and focused hard on my career, which offered a lot of challenge, unique leadership opportunities and provided many lessons on how best to achieve my goals by helping others achieve theirs. Over the past 3 years, I have also had the pleasure of participating in the development of some new leaders as a Moderator for the CMA Strategic Leadership Program.

Monica Lewicki

Monica Lewicki

“Leadership is about possessing the power to advocate and enable meaningful change.  Whereas management is about maintaining status quo and shoving everyone into that pre-defined box, where enthusiasm, innovation and engagement are squashed. Each day I step up and take action to inspire, empower and engage others to have a positive impact on themselves and the world around them. I believe that simply advising individuals and companies to do the right thing is not enough, I must lead by example, be spectacular, think big, and passionately bust through the status quo. We must keep laser-sharp focus on the impact and value delivered, rather than the volume of busyness…ultimately inspiring people around us to follow our lead and truly SHINE personally and professionally.” – Monica Lewicki

Monica not only has the experience, but the accomplishments of a world-class leader.  Her knowledge, skills and determination to succeed in multi-million dollar sales roles has resulted in taking a $25M portfolio to over $50M in under 3 years, then subsequently destroying all targets and expectations by blowing it out of the water to $150M.  Or what about her development of over 30 core training programs, delivering 100 training workshops, and coaching over 625 sales professionals in one year?  These accomplishments were all achieved while providing world leading strategic leadership on large-scale projects that encompass all these cross-functional roles.

Monica brings a fierce drive and deep passion for success ranking her at the top of a strong network of top tier Leadership professionals. Nothing less than ‘the best’ for her clients and those she partners with, which continues to rank Monica as the obvious partner of choice for world leading organizations and individuals. 

An advocate for cancer awareness and research, it comes with no surprise that Monica runs marathons, advocates corporate sponsorships, personally raises thousands of dollars and brings awareness to less recognized blood cancers and cancers below the waist.

Monica enjoys a very successful career and has earned numerous prestigious awards and promotions along the way.  While her career has taken her across North America in a variety of leadership and mentorship roles, this is where she began to gather and develop the knowledge and experiences to build the chest of knowledge that she brings to the SHINE models of Leadership today.