3 Ways to Shift your Mindset to Change


Change is going to happen whether we like it or not.  We are surrounded by an ever- changing world and we know that to grow as individuals and professionals we need to continually evolve and adapt.  We need to open our minds to new ideas, new possibilities and a new way of thinking.  If change is the only constant in life (other than death and taxes) then why as humans do we struggle so much with it?  Shouldn’t we instead be masters of change?

The reality is, we are masters of change.  If you think back over your life or your career, reflect on how much you have developed, how many new skills you have acquired and how your thoughts have broadened.  

We are a summation of all our experiences and each time we experience something new, our world expands, our minds reshape and we are never the same again.

So, why is it that we embrace some change and fear others?  Travelling is a great example of this.  Most people would be excited with the opportunity to go and explore somewhere new and yet a trip is riddled with new experiences and at the most basic level lots of change.  Yet we fear changes at work or at home as we often see them as a threat to our daily existence.  The simple answer is:  to accept change we must first shift our mindset!

You can shift your mindset by following these three simple rules:

1.   Be curious

By approaching change through the lens of curiosity you are likely to get a broader understanding and appreciation for why the change is necessary.  Once you know the why, it will be much easier to align your values and your skills to ensure you take an active role in its success.

2.   Identify the growth opportunities that lie within the change

By taking the time to evaluate the personal growth opportunities that will come along with the change, you will naturally look for the positives and move forward instead of trying to keep a desperate hold on the past.

3.   Choose your reaction - it is a choice

We are the only ones that can control our thoughts and the way we are going to react to change.  We can choose to be a victim and allow our fears to consume us and hold us back or we can choose to “lean in” to the fear knowing that our greatness lies beyond the limits we have set for ourselves 

If we want to lead in our lives, then we need to choose to stretch our thinking and our skills every day.  We need to embrace change!  My challenge to you today, is to make a conscious decision to shift your mindset and see the possibilities.