Advice We Love: Aligning Your Life With Your Dreams

It’s fair to say we love Drew Dudley. He is one of our keynote speakers at Experience: Leap for a reason!

His perspective on leadership is fresh, fun and inspirational. He advocates that leadership is learned, and that leaders are to be found everywhere. 

His website features a great section titled Edge of The Bed Advice.  It’s a collection of wisdom from a wide cross section of people who are all living their lives to the fullest. 

Today, we wanted to share excerpts from three people interviewed in his series.

We love these words of wisdom because they show us how we can take control and start aligning our lives with our dreams today. 

Put Yourself Into Happiness

Robby Pettinato:

“The second you feel unfulfilled put every last bit of effort into repairing yourself. Make that necessary change. Put yourself into happiness.”

“If you’re not getting what you want out of life, figure out why and fix it. If you don’t like waking up because you have to go to work, put yourself in a new job. If your environment isn’t fulfilling you, put yourself in a new environment. If your friends aren’t enriching your life, put yourself in a scenario where you’ll find new friends. If you’re bored, put yourself somewhere exciting. All it takes is effort on your part, and if you’re blaming something else for getting in your way – you’ve done something wrong.”

Robby Pettinato is the manager of Toy Joy, an Austin ,Texas Toystore. 

Align your Actions with your goals

Victoria Kuketz:

“Whatever walk of life you come from—whether you are a professional, a student, a new mom, or retiree—we must find at least one hour a day to live our dreams.”

“Michel Foucault discusses personhood as an act of self-creation where we “produce” ourselves into being. The notion that we create our own identities is empowering and shows that we are the driving factor as to whether our dreams linger in abstraction or find a way to cross the divide. Undoubtedly, we all have harsh realities, different backgrounds, and starting points in life. Some of us are fortunate enough to spend all our time working towards these fulfilling personal goals, while others must grapple with adversity that make our dreams seem distant. But, if you cannot spend just one hour a day (1/24!) on yourself and for yourself then it is time to apprehend that and reevaluate.”

Victoria Kuketz is a communications consultant and was the Press Operations Supervisor for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. 

Always Play the Long Game

Zach Caceres:

“The sooner you start to ask yourself, “What will be my Long Game? What will my life mean?" The better you can weather the storm.”

“Without the Long Game, it’s easy to get discouraged. With it, you wake each day with purpose even if you don’t feel like working. Passion fades. Stuff happens. Your plans fall apart. Momentary achievements get destroyed. The Long Game gives you perspective. You can say, “Okay, I messed up.” “Okay, that didn’t work. But it’s just one curve on the road to my Long Game. The Long Game lets you make decisions with integrity rather than with fear and confusion. Live for your Long Game and you’ll find new courage.”

Zachary Cáceres is Executive Director of the Startup Cities Institute and leads the Michael Polanyi College at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala City.


We hope that Drew’s words will inspire you like they have us.  Each day we are trying to live consciously and make choices to both create and maintain the momentum we need to achieve our dreams.  It really is about the journey and it does require that we take a self-imposed “time out” to ensure we can reflect on what we have learned, evaluate whether we are on the right path and ensure that we are actively making choices to move in the direction we want to go.


What choice will you make today to move towards your goals?

Join us and Drew at Experience: LEAP on Feb 29, 2016 . Tickets are now on sale!