Do you have GRIT?

There are many of us that have set goals but have still not been able to celebrate the achievement of them.  Why is that?  Is it that we set goals that are unachievable or unrealistic?  Or goals that are not clearly defined so we don’t have a clear finish line?  OR is it possible that we just don’t have what I call “grit”? 

Grit, as I define it, is the determination and the single mindedness required to commit to a goal, and more importantly see it through.  It is so easy to make a goal, get excited and enthused about it, and then to quit just as easily when things get hard or it takes longer than we think it should.

Take myself for example, I know that exercise is something that I not only need to relive stress, but that is a contributor to my overall health and well being.  I have read various articles and white papers on the benefit of exercise, I have purchased equipment and work out videos and I have even paid for gym memberships.  I have done it all, EXCEPT, I have not been able to sustain consistency over a long period of time.   


Now I can kid myself all I want and try to fool you by providing numerous reasons for my lack of commitment like I don’t have time, too tired, chronic pain or anything else I can think of, but the bottom line is that they are all just excuses.  If I peel back my own onion and look closely in that mirror, I have my own definition of grit but realize that I selectively apply it to my life.

When I reflect on it further, I realize that where I demonstrate the most grit is in business, building relationships and supporting those who I love and care about.  What I don’t do is concentrate on me and my needs.  I tend to put everything and everyone else first and then in the time left over I see to myself.  Now I know what you are thinking and you are right…intellectually that makes no sense!   A healthier me would most certainly allow me to be more effective in all those areas where I do show grit.

Isn’t it fascinating all the things we do and don’t do, that we know are bad for us but still do them anyways?  Do we do it because we’re not intelligent enough to recognize that it doesn’t make sense or is it simply that we don’t take the time to design and plan for our personal lives and therefore don’t have the grit to stick to it?

Using past history as my measurement, I would say that I spent a considerable amount of time planning and designing execution strategies to succeed in business and with my family and friends but have spent little time reflecting on how I am and should be investing in myself.  I need a life plan!  An all encompassing plan that ensures that I consider all aspects of my life, a plan that makes me check in on my progress and one that ensures that I apply grit in everything I do.There are a few nuggets of wisdom that have been passed on to me over the years that I will keep in mind while designing my life plan that I will share with you:

  • If you do not plan, plan to fail
  • What gets measured, gets done
  • Planning for perfection is futile, it does not exist
  • When defining what you want for your life, do it with the end in mind.  What do you want people to say about you when you die?

As I head off to develop my plan I hope that you will too.  I might even see if I can get “extra points” by planning mine while on the treadmill!  I sure hope you will hold me accountable and know that I am here for you too.