SHINE Leadership Trait #2: Part 2 Masters of Change 'Honing their Craft'

In my last post, we discussed two possible routes to growth. 

1.   An external force pushes us into it.  If you think about the changes that you’ve undertaken in the past year, how did you get to that uncomfortable place?  Was it a result of an exterior force?  Did your doctor tell you that you needed to lose some weight?  Did your company get bought out, forcing a complete re-org?  Or worse yet, did you experience a health event that pushed you into that place where change was forced upon you?

2.   We purposely move ourselves into it.  Did you get to that place that you’ve never been by yourself?  Were you brave and announced to the world a goal that you wanted to accomplish and “put yourself out there” to force yourself to change?  Brene Brown has taught us about the power of vulnerability.  She defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.   She has studied the power of this, and goes on to say that “vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change.”

Honing your craftFurther to that, we discussed how SHINE Inspiring Leaders take the responsibility of moving themselves into that place where change occurs in SHINE Leadership Trait #2 – Masters of Change Part 1.  Today, I would like to examine closer how these Insipring Leaders go about mastering this craft.  How do you consciously move yourself into that vulnerable place?

  • For those advanced in your change and growth development, Brene Brown has created, through her decades of research, a roadmap of how to get back up when we fall; the Rising Strong Process. 
  • Now what about those who are paralyzed at the mere thought of stepping into an unknown place?  How did the SHINE Inspiring Leaders begin their evolutionary journey of growth?  They planned it, and found ways to hold themselves accountable to executing on it. 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, named World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker, shared with us his daily routine to ensure he’s growing and moving one step in front of the next through that place where growth occurs.  He has composed a list of daily yes or no questions designed to move him closer to his goals, build his legacy, and hold him true to his values.  He begins each question with “Did I do my best to…?”.  Goldsmith takes it one step farther to ensure that he is truly stepping into that place where growth occurs, and has an accountability partner call him at the end of each day to ask him the questions.

Gretchin Rubin, one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits, tells us that for Obligers the key to forming habits is to create external accountability.  For those who have been struggling to solidify your positive habits to SHINE, I’d recommend you take Gretchen’s short survey to determine your Motivation Type are you? This may help you to bridge the gap between motivation and positive habit formation.  

Change and growth is a skill that ultimately needs to be practiced, fine-tuned, and practiced again.  Based on Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule to mastery, honing the SHINE Leadership Trait #2 will take some time.  Be patient, be honest with yourself, stay the course, reflect, and soon day after day through that reflection you will begin to see your transformation occur.

To get you started…other SHINE Inspiring Leaders :  

  • diarize their goals and daily accomplishments
  • others have mentors
  • some have a personal coach who help them set the goal posts, and move through them.

I would love to hear from you about how you ensure that you’re growing each and every day, or would love to chat further about how to get started.  Email Monica.