Summon Your Inner Hero, Everyday

We often write about life being about conscious decisions and our ability to make choices to design the life we want.  Yet why do we so often just float along in life until something “big” happens to push us out of our comfort zone or maybe more appropriately into our hero zone?

inner heroLike many other people, I sat glued to the news last night watching the devastation from the wildfires unfold in Fort McMurray.  It was hard to believe what I was watching and I so wished it was only a movie instead of a reality where the end is nowhere in sight.  I don’t have friends or family that live in the area but my thoughts and prayers were immediately with everyone affected and I scrambled to find ways to help.


What struck me as most remarkable, was that there were so many people that also took action to help: whether it be the emergency folks that rushed into the area to beat the beast of the fire back; the landowners and homeowners that offered food and shelter to people and their animals; the donations of time and money; or the many businesses that opened their doors and offered all they could to make this travesty a little more bearable.  Regardless of the specific help everyone gave, the point to my observation was that when it mattered most we bonded together over our humanity and demonstrated the tenacity of our human spirit.  We may be kicked in the gut by life, but we will not let it defeat us!

As we continue to work to together to rebuild the lives and community of those affected, I hope that we will all pause and remember what we are truly capable of.  That we will continue to stand united for a common goal and that we continue this goodwill unto others long after the threat has been eliminated.  My further hope is that we will remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives and realize that it is the people in it that make the difference, not the stuff we own.

As the days ahead unfold, take a few moments to take stock of all the wonderful things in your life, recall your dreams and remember that life has an expiry date.  Don’t live on the treadmill – LIVE life and summon your inner hero, everyday.  It is a choice!