“Why curate Experience: LEAP?” – The 6 Reasons

We’ve been asked this question several times…”Why is Project: Shine Inc. curating Experience: LEAP?” 

Embarking on our path of fulfillment and engagement has lead us to research and data that strongly supports that there is a strong thirst for happiness and meaning in all aspects of life (professional and personal).  This in combination with the desire and appetite for it in our own lives has lead us to curate Experience: LEAP.

In our minds, there are a number of ways in which we can ‘up our game’ or move along our path to a happier more fulfilling, more successful life; non-human resources and expertise (books, videos, etc.), professional expertise, and personal circles of influence (non-professional support).  Motivational and leadership events brings all three of these together maximizing the uptake and speed in which you can begin to embark on change.

For those of us who’ve been to a ‘motivational or inspirational event’, they can be very good… if we as individuals consciously take away our 1 or if we’re lucky 2 learnings…then we actively have to build a plan to take ourselves to the next step.  Then each of us as individuals are left with all of this burden after you sit in your car and drive home.  Where do we begin?  What’s the first step, where do I go?  Who do I talk to?  How can I do this?

This is where Experience: LEAP was born.  Project: Shine Inc. has established deep backgrounds in training, development, and employee/human engagement which has subsequently lead us to further research in the key aspects of how we as humans learn, recall, thirst for, and find motivation to embark on what sometimes can be daunting undertakings in our lives.

Today, I want to share with you 6 of those key fundamentals that we are curating Experience: LEAP based upon.


1.    Experience is better than material stuff

There are truck-loads of data around how experiences are more valuable than material stuff.  The research is definitely there, but let’s look at ourselves first.  I’m going to make it simple, and leave you withLEAP Stage Lights two questions:

On the day you depart this world, what will you spend your last few moments doing?

 How will family and friends describe you after you’re gone?

            “she had a great iPhone” or “we sure had some great times together…” or “wow, she did some incredible things…”


2.    People are in search of happiness and a fulfilling life.

Since I have told people about the journey that I’m on, it’s quite remarkable how many people have said to me “I would love to find happiness” or “I wish I was brave enough to do something meaningful”.  Why haven’t you?  Surround yourself with like-minded “happiness and fulfilling life seekers” like you!  It’s amazing what you’ll accomplish.

Why is team-building so effective in building a great culture with an organization?  It creates a common experience of emotion, ‘level setting’ of state of mind, trust, and that common bond in which the team builds its plan and success upon. 

If you have children, what are the stories that they talk about?  Are they the “geez mom, do you remember the iPhone we bought?” or is it the “remember when we collected all those sea shells on the beach?”


3.    Authentic, unique, choreographed, produced, and completely curated day

Experience: LEAP on February 29th, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta is an experience like no other!  Imagine it as a theatrical presentation or a concert rather than a corporate conference.  The beauty of it, is that whether you’re focused on professional or personal goals and dreams…or both; Experience: LEAP will be the experience to curate the environment for YOU to take those very first or next steps to achieving what you desire.  There will be something for everyone.  Whether you learn through auditory, visual, or sensory learning…there will be lots for you to absorb and experience via live performances, music, video, and how could we help you ‘light your path’ without amazing lighting and effects!?  Every detail will be an experience like you’ve never felt before!  There will not be one minute of ‘dead air’ in the day.

We’ve partnered with talented ‘experience partners’ embracing unique technology to create again…experiences like you’ve never felt before.  The roller-coaster of emotions will be running in full speed on February 29th…you will laugh, cry, feel tingly shivers, smile with pride, surprise, and most definitely will be kept on the edge of your seat as the day will be far from predictable.  You will not want to miss a moment, as you never know what may happen or whom you may meet!  Hint hint. Remember we too are chasing our dreams!


4.    Experience with everyone…speaker/storytellers, partners, vendors, and participants

I think many of us have not only been attendees at an ‘event’, but have additionally been ‘sponsors’ or ‘vendors’.  We certainly have.  We wanted to pay special attention and care to the experience our partners at Project: Shine Inc. have throughout the process as well.  As a partner, working with you to move you along your path is of the utmost importance to us.  We are not the experts in your business and your strategic priorities.  However, we are very good at working with you to curate and inspire unique experiences and opportunities to engage in ways that will not only peak curiosity, but will ultimately curate the actions and change you are looking for.

Our storyteller/speaker roster was also hand chosen with two very important factors and values in mind…curating an experience and engagement. 


5.    Nothing like it in Alberta

We’ve certainly heard from many of you that at this moment in time here in Alberta Project: Shine Inc. and the Experience: LEAP that we are curating is one of a kind in Alberta.  No, we are not an events management company, no we are not a conference, and no we are not consultants.  We are experience curators who wish to inspire your self-discovery and encourage meaningful interactions along your authentic path.

Much like your favourite musical artist, this will be an event that we will not repeat…Project: Shine Inc. continues to curate and chase our dreams with a new experience in the making.  This inspirational and motivational line-up of storytellers has never been seen before in this fully-produced form.  The messages they deliver will be unique and ones in which have also been hand-picked and produced to engage and inspire you in a unique and dynamic way.  Jeremy Gutsche has over 50 million hits to his website a month…we’re pretty confident that he will be able to inspire you and your company/business in ways you never thought or have experienced before.  Drew Dudley has delivered one of the top 15 most inspirational TED Talks of all time!!  He’s been viewed by more than 2.5 million people around the world!  Amanda Lindhout has one of the most gripping stories of forgiveness that I have ever heard.  Experience: LEAP will be one of the first audiences to be inspired and motivated by Dr. John Izzo after his return from sabbatical. Teams around the world have already reaped the benefits of Dr. Izzo’s clear and simple 100% accountability and 0 excuses, we’re thrilled and excited to hear the stories that he will share with you from his recent journey.  For all of us who are always looking for manners in which to ‘up our game’, the greatest pro-football kick returner of all time, Henry ‘The Gizmo’ Williams will most certainly share tangible ways in which we all can do better.


6.   You are worth it! You are Worthy!

It’s often the toughest reason for us to accept, but you are worthy of happiness.  You are worthy of investing a day in you!  Your team is worthy of investing in a day for them!  Your company is worthy of investing a day in it!  You are worthy of achieving your dreams and goals. 

If you are an adult human being who wishes to:

·      ‘up your game’

·      leave the world a better place than when you found it

·      do better

·      be better

·      give better

·      build a better widget, company or team

…then I absolutely look forward to meeting you on February 29th!!

We at Project: Shine Inc. are curating Experience: LEAP for you and 3999 others on February 29th, 2016…that extra day in the year…for you!


I am Monica and I will leave the world a better place than when I found it, so I will meet you at Experience: LEAP on February 29th!

Are you ready??

I am _____________and I will ____________________________________________________, so I will meet you at Experience: LEAP on February 29th!