What can you expect?

Our coaching clients have a clarity and strong value of self, and how that relationship fits into the world around them both personally and professionally.  They have a strongly rooted direction of where they want to go in life, the values that they hold strong to, and how to effectively process, plan and action within their day.

Who are our clients?

We work with individuals within or outside of corporations who have a growth mindset.  Individuals who thrive on a challenge, who embrace failure and vulnerability as 'learning and growth' opportunities to live to their fullest potential.  We work with those individuals that see growth as a true form of living life.

How do we Change the Game for you?

When you hire us, you gain the unique combination of tools and knowledge that you will not find anywhere else on the planet!  We then become the catalyst that helps you up your game professionally and personally in order to live life full out! 

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If after reviewing this table, you find yourself or your team in the conflict counselling column, please check out our Corporate & Team Renewal package, and learn how industry leading teams insist you call us!

Training Consulting Coaching Conflict Counseling
Objective Acquire a skill Aquire a solution for client to implement Aquire a new behaviour/process to fascilitate growth Improve an unwanted behaviour or conflict (not a therapeutic session)
Expertise sought out Trainer has all the answers on a given subject The consultant has the expertise in the business task at hand The coach is not necessarily the expert in your craft, but rather an expert/role model in helping the participant learn more about themselves and develep a new process to seek out processes to grow and develop

Ability to cut through artificial barriers

Ability to understand the situation from many perspectives

Expected Process Understand the concept, watch, try it, practice it, do it everyday Consultant analyzes the situation, researches, and recommends a solution Set goals, coach client through process of how to solve the problem, empower/mobilize to action

One-on-one interviews


Group understanding

Role of the expert

Subject matter expert

Analyze a problem, research, and develop a solution Inspires, motivates, guides, empowers, mobilizes Provides perspective and coaches through a conflict, whereby the clients seek out the positive process and behaviour
Result to be achieved New skill developed and utilized Client has a solution to implement, consultant exits Client has developed a process by which they can tackle any problem or growth opportunity to set them up for success The client understands themselves, and the implications of their behaviour on those around them, and seeks to understand and implement a positive behaviour


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