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Project Shine curates experiences specifically with YOU in mind. We design events with the intent to be the catalyst that drives you to action; to be a better and more successful version of yourself.

It is not just any day; it is the first day of the rest of your life!

Some of the projects we share with the world are our very own. In order to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our expertise and skill to you...we curate and produce our own events. We believe this not only showcases our dedication to a world class craft, but also our commitment to a WOW experience impacting the world around us to SHINE.

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An Evening with Drew

Leadership Development

June 16, 2016

Project Shine's very good friend as well as Time Magazine's #1 TEDTalk Leadership speaker of all time joined a sold out crowd at the Hotel Fairmont MacDonald. Drew has spoken to over 250,000 people on 5 different continents, is known as one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers on the planet, and exclusively worked with the Project Shine community for entire evening. SHINE community members walked away that evening as better leaders from the core.

Unleash Your Creativity with Author Michael Kryton

Leadership Development

September 22, 2016

NY published A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds author Michael Kryton, along with special guest Bill Comrie (founder of The Brick) unleashed idea strings to a sold out crowd at Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West. In a world of uncertainty and ever changing political and economic landscapes, Michael left the audience of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other Edmonton business leaders, with tangible tactics to make creativity a way of operating!

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Leadership Development


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