Leadership Development

What we find most fascinating about leadership development is that most people feel it is something reserved for the “special few” which doesn’t include them.  Well we’re here to remind YOU how untrue that statement is.

Ultimately, as humans we want to be significant, we want to truly matter - personally and professionally. There are countless books, videos, and events that motivate us to be significant (I bet you can list five right now). The problem is the next day...how do you take action on that motivation and make it daily habit? There are also many courses, workshops, and "proven 5 step models" that promise habit forming behaviour...the problem...lies in the motivation. The motivation those programs were designed upon were for that particular individuals' motivations, not your motivation...and it can be very difficult to keep those habits alive beyond the first few days, correct? This is where Project Shine excels and are masters of their craft...bridging the gap between motivation and habit. Bridging the gap is connecting the 'why' and the 'what we are' together.

The gap between motivation and habit can be hard to bridge on our own. It requires us to be vulnerable, it requires us to expose ourselves in ways we've never been seen before. It could mean that we fall down in this gap, and that is often good enough reason for many to not embark on the project to bridge that gap. The action of bridging this gap is leadership.

Project Shine strikes a spark in individuals and corporations to truly SHINE.  This is done by leveraging proven models that build the bridge (aka leadership) between motivation and habit. We harness the leadership capabilities of the individuals and their teams...wrap it in an experience to enhance the uptake and recall,  and begin to form the habits that drive forward action, allowing those we work with to be a better and a more successful version of themselves ultimately leading to greater success at home and at work.

SHINE Leadership Assessment Tool

Research and real-life experience has shown us that employee engagement affects virtually every aspect of your business, costing you money, and ultimately leading to a direct impact on your bottom line.

How long are you going to allow it to elude you? When are you going to lead the way in your organization and master the craft of engagement?

Project Shine is the only Leadership Development company to have a reliable and repeatable scientifically proven tool that allows us to predict behaviours. In just minutes this tool provides insights that lead to increased employee engagement, productivity, customer retention, and sales.

SHINE Leadership Models

A model is a set standard in which you set out to emulate. It provides efficiency, guidance, and a framework in which to proceed to achieve your goal.

When you are successful in reaching your goals, if you didn't follow a defined model, how do you know how to repeat that success?"What activities are you going to continue to do that your customers are not willing to pay for?"

With over 40 years of combined accomplishments, we have built the SHINE Leadership Models for sales & marketing, operations, and leadership. They are proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, sales, and profitability.

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