Corporate & Team Renewal


Are you hungry to turn up the heat and accelerate your company's growth curve?  Do you want to alleviate tension or conflict within the team?

By leveraging a deeper understanding of why, we catalyze and energize people to dig deeper in order to deliver more value and to align to a higher purpose where assigned titles are not necessary.  The teams we work with have a renewed sense of purpose, commitment and cohesiveness that elevate them to world-class success.

Today's world is changing at a rate faster than ever before. In order to survive we need to adapt, and in order to thrive, we need to grow.

This particular package is for small to medium sized enterprises or team's of 3-8 within a large corporation that have:

*A growth mindset team, or has a dedicated champion with those qualities;
*All the skills necessary to do their job;
*A deep understanding of their why or purpose..

We strip away the titles and replace them with a deep understanding of self and the PEOPLE on the team.  

We do this by way of our unique and game changing 5 step SHINE model to Corporate & Team Renewal.

SHINE Leadership Assessment Tool - We coach each individual to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Habits - We begin to shape the habit of seeking to understand within team interactions.

Interactions - Each team member takes ownership to add value and understanding in all they do.

Navigate -  Providing clarity in understanding the PEOPLE they are surrounded by via a group coaching session.

Elevate your entire team - We leave you with customized tools and strategies to successfully conquer the path ahead.

Please don't believe us in how effective our methodology is.  Check out what our partners and clients are saying and how they are encouraging you to be a part of the SHINE Revolution!

We're excited to hear from you, and to quote your Corporate & Team Renewal Package today!