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Dr. John Izzo has spent a lifetime researching what separates truly passionate, high engagement teams and leaders from the rest of the pack. In this keynote, John shares the four keys to creating high engagement teams and shows why some leaders are consistently able to get high levels of commitment from people. John gives the audience day-to-day practices for how leaders can immediately drive engagement for better results.

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement are significantly more profitable, have much higher customer loyalty, stronger productivity and a better reputation with customers than those with moderate engagement. In fact, the average HIGHLY engaged team member can be up to 40% more productive than a disengaged performer.

Based on his work with many of the best workplaces in the world, John shows leaders how to implement simple disciplines and routines guaranteed to create highly engaged teams.

Your leaders will not only see their role in driving engagement but will leave with ideas they can implement right away that will lead to significantly higher engagement.

John has a great track record of getting leaders to become engagement champions. He’ll leave the audience with a leadership checklist that shows leaders the most important things to do everyday to drive engagement and ultimately profits.

But what are the secrets to highly engaged teams and highly engaged companies? Why do some leaders consistently crate highly engaged associates?

“We worked with John at our 2011 National Owner/Operator conference. Our Owner/Operator’s were inspired and left with the desire to put into action many of John’s ideas. John’s ability to share his knowledge through story telling left us all wanting more. Over the years, we have heard many speakers and John is by far one of the best!"
Michele Boudria, National Director of Training, McDonalds
All of our Managers were thrilled with the presentation form Dr. Izzo, the feedback was extremely positive – in fact it was all positive. Some of the comments from our group were "excellent, awesome, engaging, practical, thought-provoking, relevant". Thanks again for helping to make us better Managers.”
Todd Svenson, President, Co-op Managers Association
“Dr John Izzo’s presentation was stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining all at the same time. We were truly amazed how Dr Izzo was able to incorporate our company’s values and core beliefs into his presentation. We felt like he had been a 20 year member of the team. Very well done, Sir!”
Dr. Chad Overman, Director of Professional Relations, Walmart
“Our best speaker yet! Dr. Izzo delivered a compelling message that really resonated well with our audience. John has a way of connecting with people through real life stories and experiences; making them reflect on their own life & work situations. After hearing his message, you want and believe you can make a difference, you want to push yourself to the next level. Tones of takeaways; I would highly recommend him!”
Eric Halle, Regional VP, CIM - Dynamic Funds
“We went from 38th out of 40 hotels in service to number 4! John was part of this service excellence change effort and we highly recommend him.”

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